Battery Operated Sine Wave Combined Inverter And Charger 24vdc 100a

Model Number 24VDC 100a

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Product Details
Model UP3000-HM10022 Name Battery Operated Combined Inverter Charger 24vdc 100a
Type Battery Operated Keyword Combined Inverter Charger 24vdc 100a
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Sine Wave Combined Inverter And Charger 24vdc


Sine Wave Combined Inverter And Charger 100a

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Product Description

battery operated combined inverter charger 24vdc 100a


Product Description of Combined Inverter Charger


The Inverter Charger Offers A Hybrid System That Combines Solar Energy And Commercial Power While Providing Users With The Flexibility Of Choosing The Form Of Energy According To Their Needs. It Features Mains/Diesel And Solar Charging, Mains Bypass And Inverter Output, And Energy Management And Control, Allowing Users To Maximize Their Use Of Solar Energy While Supplementing With Commercial Power If Needed. This Product Ensures A Reliable And Secure Power Supply With Its High-Quality, High-Stability, And High-Reliability Outputs, Making It Ideal For Use In Solar Energy And Commercial Power/Diesel Generator Hybrid Power Generation Systems.


Product features of Combined Inverter Charger


  • Two Operating Modes: Battery-Powered Mode And Non-Battery Powered Mode.
  • Solar Energy Is The Primary Source Of Power When There Is No Battery Storage Available. When Necessary, The Mains Supply Is Used To Supplement, Ensuring The Load Requirements Are Met.
  • The Lithium Battery Application System Is Perfectly Complemented By The Anti-Surge And Anti-Reverse Protection At The Battery End.
  • Choose From Three Charging Modes: Solar-Only, Solar Priority, And Solar-Main Power Combination.
  • Two Ac Output Modes: Mains Supply Priority And Inverter Output Priority.
  • Using Advanced Mppt Technology, This Inverter Charger Boasts A Tracking Efficiency Of At Least 99.5%, Ensuring Maximum Power Production And Efficiency.
  • Power Factor Correction (Pfc) Technology To Optimize Ac-Dc Power Charging And Significantly Reduce The Strain On Power Grid Capacity.
  • Spwm Technology Produces A Pure Sine Wave Output.
  • The Total Charge And Discharge Current Of The Battery Can Be Preset, Making It Ideal For Occasions Requiring A Battery Current Limit.
  • The Amount Of Mains Charging Can Be Tailored And Adjusted To Fit Your Needs, With The Ability To Set The Rate Of Mains Charging Current.
  • Self-Learning Soc Display Function
  • For Those Seeking To Monitor Remotely, Pairing The Rs485 Communication Interface With Gprs, Wifi, And Other Modules Can Provide An Effective Solution.
  • Using The Bms-Link Communication Interface And Conversion Module, It Is Possible To Achieve Charge And Discharge Control Via The Bms.


Product Technical Parameters of Combined Inverter Charger


Model UP3000-HM10022
Rated battery voltage 24VDC
Battery input voltage 21.6~32VDC
Max. battery charge current 100A
Inverter Output  
Continuous output power 3000W
Max. surge power (3s) 6000W
Output voltage 220VAC(-6%~+3%), 230VAC(-10%~+3%)
Output frequency 50/60±0.2%
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Load power factor 0.2-1 (load power ≤ continuous output power)
Total harmonics distortion (THD) THD≤3% (resistive load)
80% rated output efficiency 92%
Max. rated output efficiency 91%
Max. output efficiency 93%
Switch time 10ms (switch from the utility output to the inverter output) 15ms (switch from the inverter output to the utility output)
Utility Charging  
Utility input voltage 176VAC~264VAC(default), 90VAC~280VAC (programmable)
Utility input frequency 40~65Hz
Max. utility charge current 80A(when the utility input voltage is 90VAC~180VAC, the max. utility charge current is 40A)
Solar Charging  
Max. PV open circuit voltage 450V (at minimum environment temperature) 395V (25℃ environment temperature)
MPPT voltage range 80~350V
Max. PV input power 4000W
Max. PV charge power 2875W
Max. PV charge current 100A
Equalization voltage 29.2V (default AGM battery type)
Boost voltage 28.8V (default AGM battery type)
Float voltage 27.6V (default AGM battery type)
Low voltage disconnect voltage 21.6V (default AGM battery type)
Tracking efficiency ≥99.5%
Temperature compensate coefficient -3mV/℃/2V (default)
Surge current 60A
No-load consumption < 1.8A
Standby current < 1.2A
Mechanical Parameters  
Dimensions (H×W×D) 642.5×381.6×149mm
Mounting size 620×300mm
Mounting hole size Ø10mm
Net weight 19kg
Enclosure IP30
Environment temperature -20℃~50℃