600w Hybrid Wind Turbine Grid Tie Inverter Renewable Energy System

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Product Details
Name Solar Wind Turbine Type Hybrid Renewable Energy System
Keyword Solar Wind Turbine Body Material Robust Aluminum Alloy
Rated Power 600w Rated Voltage 24VDC
Quality Of Blades 5
High Light

Hybrid Wind Turbine Grid Tie Inverter


600w Wind Turbine Grid Tie Inverter

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Product Description



600w Solar Wind Turbine , Hybrid Renewable Energy System

product description of solar wind turbine


A hybrid wind turbine grid-tie inverter is a specialized inverter designed to convert the electricity generated by a hybrid wind turbine system into grid-compatible power. It enables the integration of wind energy into the electrical grid, allowing for the utilization of renewable energy and potentially selling excess power back to the grid. Here are some key points about hybrid wind turbine grid-tie inverters:

  • Function: The primary function of a hybrid wind turbine grid-tie inverter is to convert the direct current (DC) electricity generated by the wind turbine into alternating current (AC) electricity that matches the grid's voltage and frequency.
  • Synchronization with the grid: The inverter synchronizes the output of the wind turbine with the grid's electrical parameters, such as voltage and frequency. This synchronization is crucial for the safe and efficient integration of wind energy into the existing electrical infrastructure.
  • Power conditioning: Hybrid wind turbine grid-tie inverters also perform power conditioning functions. They ensure that the generated power meets the grid's quality standards, including voltage and frequency stability, power factor correction, and low harmonic distortion.
  • Maximum power point tracking (MPPT): Many hybrid wind turbine grid-tie inverters incorporate MPPT technology. MPPT enables the inverter to optimize the wind turbine's power output by constantly adjusting its operating point to the maximum power point, considering the varying wind speeds and turbine characteristics.
  • Grid interaction and safety features: Hybrid wind turbine grid-tie inverters have built-in safety features and protection mechanisms to ensure reliable and safe operation. These include anti-islanding protection, which prevents the inverter from supplying power to the grid during a grid outage, and overvoltage/overcurrent protection to safeguard against voltage or current surges.


product features of solar wind turbine

aesthetically pleasing
low starting wind speed
low running vibration
remarkable efficiency in converting wind energy
easy to install


solar wind turbine technical parameters


Rated power (W) 600
Rated voltage (VDC) 24 48
Max. power (W) 750
Start-up wind speed (m/s) 2.0
Cut-in wind speed (m/s) 2.5
Rated wind speed (m/s) 12
Survival wind speed (m/s) 50
Rotor diameter (m) 1.75
Quality of blades 5
Noise (dB) < 20 dB (based on 5m/s wind speed)
Generator type Three phase permanent magnet direct drive
Tower connection Flange connection or bolt-on clamp
Net weight (kg) 25
Ambient temperature (°C) -40~60
Strong wind protection Electromagnetic brake, aerodynamic brake
Dimensions 1250×520×250mm
Weight HY-600H (3 blades) net weight: 21kg; gross weight: 24kg
  HY-600L (5 blades) net weight: 25kg; gross weight: 28kg


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