3kw 5kw MPPT Solar Inverter 12V 24V 48V Pure Sine Wave For Home Energy

Certification ISO, CE

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Product Details
Supply Ability 50000pieces/Year Application Home, Industrial, Commercial
Specification Normal, 270W*433H*105D(mm) The Working Environment Humidity En61000-6-1:2007: En61000-6-3:2007
Safety Gauge / EMC Standard IEC62109-1 / -2: As3100; Nb / T32004 Grid-Connected Standards En50438,G83/2as4777VDE0126-1-11ec61727,Nb/T320040~
Design Working Year > 20 Years Display Screen LCD, 2X20z
Communication Interface RS485.WiFi/GPRS (Optional) AC Port IP67 Protection Class Connector
DC Port Original Factory Mc4 Supporting Terminal Noise (Typical) <30 Dba
Protection Level IP65 The Highest Working Elevation 4000 Meters
Cooling Way Natural Convection Self Consumption <1W (Night)
The Working Environment Temperature 25c~60c Topology Without A Transformer
Transport Package Wooden Box Trademark Htonetech
Origin China Shipping Cost To Be Negotiated| Freight Cost Calculator
After-sales Service Yes Warranty 3year
Condition New
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5kw MPPT Solar Inverter


MPPT Solar Inverter 12V


small hybrid inverter 48V

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Product Description

Solar Power Inverter 3kw 5kw 12V 24V 48V Pure Sine Wave Inverter for Home Energy System

Product Description



  1. Types of inverters: There are three main types of solar power inverters: string inverters, microinverters, and power optimizers. Each has its own advantages and suitability for different solar energy system configurations.
  2. String inverters: Common for residential and commercial applications, they connect a series of solar panels in a "string" and convert the combined DC power to AC.
  3. Microinverters: Attached to each solar panel, they convert DC to AC at the panel level, which allows for better performance in shaded or partially shaded conditions.
  4. Power optimizers: Similar to microinverters, they are connected to each panel but only optimize the DC power before sending it to a central inverter to be converted to AC.
  5. Efficiency: Solar power inverters have varying efficiency levels, typically ranging from 90% to 99%. Higher efficiency inverters convert more of the generated DC power into usable AC power, leading to less energy loss and a more productive solar energy system.
  6. Communication and monitoring: Many modern inverters come with built-in communication and monitoring features that allow users to track the performance of their solar energy system in real-time. This can be done through mobile apps, web portals, or other monitoring platforms.
  7. Grid-tied vs. off-grid: Inverters can be designed for grid-tied or off-grid solar systems. Grid-tied inverters synchronize with the electrical grid, allowing excess solar energy to be fed back into the grid and used by other consumers. Off-grid inverters work independently and are suitable for remote locations with no grid access.
  8. Safety features: Solar power inverters come with various safety features, such as anti-islanding protection, which prevents the inverter from feeding power back into the grid during a power outage, and ground fault protection, which detects electrical faults and disconnects the inverter to prevent damage.



  1. Residential solar systems: Solar inverters are used in residential solar installations to convert solar-generated DC power into AC power that can be used by household appliances.
  2. Commercial solar systems: In commercial settings, solar inverters are used to convert the DC power generated by large-scale solar arrays into AC power for use in commercial buildings or feeding back into the grid.
  3. Utility-scale solar power plants: Solar inverters play a crucial role in utility-scale solar power plants by converting the massive amounts of DC power generated into AC power, which can be distributed through the electrical grid.
  4. Off-grid and remote power systems: In remote areas or off-grid systems, solar inverters work with other components like batteries and charge controllers to provide a stable and reliable power supply to users.
  5. Electric vehicle charging stations: Solar inverters can be used in conjunction with solar panels at electric vehicle charging stations to provide clean, renewable energy for charging electric vehicles.


Solar Power Inverter 3kw 12V 24V 48V Pure Sine Wave Inverter for Home Energy Syste Used for New Energy GenerationSolar Power Inverter 3kw 12V 24V 48V Pure Sine Wave Inverter for Home Energy Syste Used for New Energy GenerationSolar Power Inverter 3kw 12V 24V 48V Pure Sine Wave Inverter for Home Energy Syste Used for New Energy Generation
MODEL HT-M700 HT-M1000 HT-M1500 HT-M2000 HT-M2500 HT-3K-2G-ST HT-3.6K-2G-ST HT-5K-2G HT-10K HT-15K HT-20K-HV HT-40K-HV
New energy power generation mode photovoltaic power generation
Max input power 900 watt 1.2KW 1.8KW 2.4KW 3.0KW 3.5KW 4.2kw 5.8kw 11.5kw 16.5kw 20kw 45kw
Maximum input voltage 450V 500v 500v 600V 1000v
starting voltage 60V 600V 330v 350v
The MPPT voltage range 50-400V 100-500V 200-800v
Maximum input current 10A 18A 15A+15A 18A+18A 18A+18A+18A+18A
Quaintity of MPP / maximum input path 1/1 1/2 2/2 2/4 4/8
Rated output power 0.7kw 1KW 1.5KW 2KW 2.5KW 3KW 3.6kw 5kw 10kw 15kw 20kw 40kw
Max output power 0.8kW 1.1KW 1.65KW 2.2KW 2.5KW 3.3KW 4kw 5kw 11kw 15kw 20kw 40kw
Rated power grid voltage 220 / 230V 380v/400v 480v 480v
Grid voltage range from 180 to 270 V (adjustable) 313-470v(adjustable) 384-576v(adjustable)
Rated power grid frequency 50 / 60Hz
Grid phase single-phase three-phase
Maximum output current 4.4A 6.1A 9.2A 12.2A 13.9A 15.7A 16A 23.8A 16.7A 25A 25A 48.1A
Output power factor 0.8 ahead...0.8 lag
Maximum measured flow harmonic TotalTHD <3%
The DC component value of the power grid <20 mA
Operating frequency range of 47-52Hz or 57-62Hz (adjustable)
Operating frequency range of 47-52Hz or 57-62Hz (adjustable)
The maximum efficiency 96.70% 97.50% 97.80% 98.30% 98.60%
The European efficiency 96.20% 96.80% 97% 97.50% 98.30%
The MPPT efficiency was 99.90%
DC backconnection protection YES
Communication short circuit protection YES
AC-output overcurrent protection YES
Output overvoltage protection YES
Protection of insulation impedance YES
Residual current (RCD) detection YES
surge protection YES
Grid-connected monitoring YES
Island protection YES
Temperature protection YES
The Integrated DC switch selectable
Basic parameter
Size 270W*433H*105D(mm) 339W*585H*172.5D(mm) 430W*613H*269D(mm) 530W*700H*356.5D(mm)
Weight 5.2kg 13.8KG 30kg 58.2kg



Huatong Yuanhang (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Is a high-tech certified enterprise established in 2008, located in Beijing Zhongguancun Jinqiao Science and Technology Industrial Park. By insisting on the development idea of combining low-carbon, wisdom and technology, we have become the innovator of solar/wind complementary power system solutions.

Huatong Yuanhang focuses on providing high-quality power solutions for industrial customers, and its business is widely involved in the fields of army, transportation, security, petroleum, electric power, water conservancy, communication, forestry, agriculture, border defense and the three system operators of China network(Mobile, Unicom and Telecom). The solutions are widely provided to many countries in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Huatong Yuanhang provides off-grid power supply systems for domestic and foreign provinces and cities without electricity through wind and solar complementary power supply systems, solar power supply systems, small and medium-sized photovoltaic power plants and distributed photovoltaic products.



1. Q: Are you a factory or a trading company?
A :We are a professional Solar Panels Manufacturer in China

2.How can we guarantee the products quality?
A :Always provide the esteemed buyer a pre-production sample before mass production; Always testing every product before despatching the shipments;

3.What products we can supply you?
A :Solar panels,inverter,controller,cable,support frame and other solar power systems

4. Q: Can the products pricing be cheaper?
A :Of course, you will be offered a a very good discount with large quantities.

5.. Q: Can print our company's logo on the pv panels?
A :Yes! And we accept the OEM&ODM orders.